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Our mission is simple:

To financially assist families who have experienced the death of a child

by offering monetary grants to help

with some portion of funeral costs.

We seek to inspire every person out there to have a thankful heart for the lives of the children we have been blessed with;  

daily thanking God for the precious gifts of life

and for the protection of our loved ones. 

Parallel Lines

Christopher John Conti I

The "SonShine" Charitable Fund was established in Honor and Memory of My Brother, Christopher John Conti I, who left us for Heaven on August 1st, 1984 at the age of 18. His joyful character and his warm and inviting smile was what he was known for throughout our entire community of Laona and Fredonia, New York.


He loved animals and flowers. He was kind to everybody and was genuinely loving and caring. He would do special things for anyone he saw in need, whether it was a big hug or a handful of flowers he picked alongside the road. Kindness was his trademark. His bright eyes and big smile were his calling card. He is missed every day!

Alex Conti: President and Co-Founder

Christopher I gravestone_edited.jpg
Me and Chris.PNG

Alex talking about the SonShine Charitable Fund

Chautauqua Sunrise with Doc Hamels
(Alex starts at the 22 minute mark)
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