Our Mission:

To financially assist families who have experienced the death of a child 

by offering monetary grants to help

with some portion of funeral costs.

Mission Statement


From the President and Co-Founder

The "SonShine" Charitable Fund was established in Honor and Memory of My Brother, Christopher John Conti I who left us for Heaven on August 1st, 1984 at the age of 18. His joyful character and his warm and inviting smile was his trademark through our entire community of Laona and Fredonia. 


Our mission is simple.... To financially  assist families who have experienced the death of a child by offering monetary grants to help with some portion of funeral costs.  


In my mind there is only one thing worse than losing a Son or Daughter, and that is losing that child when they are still very young. To add insult to injury, after losing the child, struggling to endure, adjust and cope with the loss, having to bury that child, these people have the burden to pay for that burial. We want to help reduce that burden.

Accordingly, our web-page is a source to:

  • Broaden public awareness of the financial burden associated with the loss of a child. (Of course we all realize there is costs involved but we are certain no one realizes all the fees associated with death until they go through it themselves personally.)


  • Ensure laws are put in place to make certain grieving parents aren't being taken advantage of.

  • Provide functional information to inform the public of the services available for families who lose children.

  • Research and acquire grants and public service monies earmarked specifically for adolescent death and benefits parents might be entitled to. 

  • Establish financial and emotional support of family members and those affected by the loss of their child or sibling.

  • Make people aware of what types of help, both financially and emotionally. that are in place throughout the country. These organizations have been put in place to help individuals get through the toughest moments after losing their child. (See "Additional Resource" page)

Among the essential goals, the Conti Family seeks to inspire every person out there to have a thankful heart for the lives of the children we have been blessed with. Daily thanking God for the precious gifts of life and for the protection of our loved ones. These goals are what our foundation will attempt to project throughout all of the Foundation’s programs and activities.

Stacy Conti

Chairwoman and Co-Founder of the SonShine Charity

Stacy is a Special needs teaching aide and one of the inspirations to begin this Charitable Fund. As a member of the Conti family since 1982 Stacy brings to the SonShine Charity a heart filled with compassion and kindness. She has been the driving force behind the Charity and her endless drive is the foundation of its success.

Officers and Executive Board Members

Alex Conti, President, Co-Founder, SonShine Charitable Fund, Christopher's Brother

Stacy Conti, Chairwoman, Co-Founder, SonShine Charitable Fund, Christopher's Sister-in-law

Christopher John Conti II, Vice President, Founding Board Member, Christopher's Nephew, NY State Trooper

Kimberly Conti, Interim Secretary,  Volunteer Coordinator,  Editor Quarterly News Letter, Founding Board Member, Christopher's Sister-In-Law,  Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences SUNY at Fredonia

Alissa Conti, Founding Board Member, Member at Large, Christopher's Niece, 5th Grade Teacher  

Dana Carlson, Executive Secretary, Fundraising Chairwoman

Brian Krause, Treasurer, Founding Board Member, CPA,  Town of Cheektowaga Director of Finance

Stephanie Stevens, Chief Executive Officer,    Founding Board Member, Executive Director at YWCA Westfield

Board of Directors

Michael R Cerrie, Founding Board Member, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Michael Robert Cerrie 

Marci Conti, Founding Board Member, Christopher's Niece,  Reading Specialist Orchard Park School District, Camp Good Day Volunteer

Russell Conti, Founding Board Member, Christopher's Brother,  

Ilio DiPaolo, Founding Board Member, General Manager Ilio DiPaolo Restaurant

Adam Dolce,  Founding Board Member, Executive Director NCC United Way

Vladislov Izboinikov, Administrative Consultant SonShine Foundation, Charter School Founder and Principal

Cindy Page, Founding Board Member, Christopher's Sister

LuAnn Saden, Founding Board Member,

Mary Sluberski, Founding Board Member, Neonatal (NICU) Nurse, Sister's Hospital

Jennifer Boyda, Sadie's Safe Harbor Canine Rescue Volunteer, 

PJ Wendel, Founding Board Member, The County of Chautauqua NY, County Executive